The art of slow is gone to our heads!


Back in Spain, textile work was around me all through my life. I grew up in a family where previous generations of women were extremely skilful textile artists. Dress making, embroidery, lace, crochet, knitting.. were their specialities. 

Although I always liked making things, I tried other disciplines -like jewellery making-before deciding that hat making was "my thing". First, as a hobby, and then as my new venture when I decided to attend the Grafton Academy and become a milliner. 

Once I started making hats I was looking for sustainable materials and in that search I came across a felt making workshop by Feltmakers Ireland. Once I tried it, that was it, I was hooked. This was not only a sustainable material and a sustainable process full of possibilities, it was also a slow process. And I loved that. In a time when we seem to be hooked in a spiral of "faster" where more is never enough, the art of slow seemed to me more needed than ever.  

An ancient and versatile craft with as many styles as there are felt makers. The approach of my design is based on simple lines often inspired by the elegant 1920's. I mix natural and dyed Merino wool and often bring the colour into the piece just by felting in up cycled textiles like tweed or silk.  

I individually design and craft all my hats and scarves in Dublin. All the pieces are made to feel good, to last and to have fun.  

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