Ethical Fashion is gone to our heads!

Bringing ethical fashion and sustainability to our heads is what I want. I'm both a Milliner and a Feltmaker,  and I merge hats and ethical/sustainable fashion in my brand.

I use traditional elements of millinery, felt making and other experimental elements when designing and crafting pieces. I love experimenting both with techniques and materials. I like to explore the tension between opposites mixing traditional and contemporary, past and present, urban and rural. 

As my name suggests I am Spanish, although Dublin is the place I call home.

Back in Spain, textile work was around me all through my life. I grew up in a family where  previous generations of women were extremely skilful textile artists. Dress making, embroidery, lace, crochet, knitting.. were their specialities.

Although I always liked making things, I tried other disciplines -like jewellery making-before deciding that hat making was "my thing". First, as a hobby, and then as my new venture when I decided to attend the Grafton Academy and become a milliner.

Like an increasing number of people, I am concerned about the impact that the textile industry has both on people’s life around the world and on the environment. This translates into my hat making as being a caring process, respectful of the materials used and resourcing ethical materials as much as possible. I use sustainable materials, fair-trade, upcycled whenever possible and a policy of no waste is applied to the process. Each piece has a  description of its ethical/sustainability record.

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