The art of slow is gone to our heads!


I am a Milliner and a Feltmaker. I individually craft all my hats and scarves in Dublin.

Like a growing amount of people I am concerned about the negative effects the fashion industry has to the environment and for those creating the garments. As a milliner, while searching for sustainable and ethical materials to create hats, I found the magical process of felt making. An ancient craft reaching to the future. It is a slow process that connects to the rhythms of Ireland, the natural rhythms of its waves touching the shore or the crossing of clouds in its skies, the lilts of its music or good conversations. The human pace of sustainability. 

I am inspired by the elegant times of yesteryear and work this into each contemporary piece that I make. I look to the past to move to the future. Giving each piece the time and care that ensures it will last a lifetime.  

As Miles Davis put it: “Time is not the main thing. It’s the only thing” 


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